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Investigation of the noise figure in degenerate dual-pump phase sensitive amplifier using a multi-wave model


  • Bouasria Yousra
  • Chatterjee Debanuj
  • Xie Weilin
  • Fsaifes Ihsan
  • Goldfarb Fabienne
  • Hassouni Yassine
  • Bretenaker Fabien

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Journal articles


A semi-classical 7-wave model is developed to investigate the noise performances of a degenerate dual-pump phase sensitive amplifier. This approach takes into account the transfer to the signal, through multiple four-wave mixing processes, of the vacuum fluctuations injected in the high-order waves. This effect leads to a degradation of the noise figure of the amplifier with respect to the 0 dB value predicted by the usual 3-wave model. However, it is proved that a careful choice of the fiber dispersion allows to use the high-order waves to enhance the signal gain without degrading the noise figure above 1 dB.