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If you share our enthousiasm for photonics and related topics, please contact us, and come to visit.

Postdoc Offers

Light-triggered delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides with plasmonic gold nanoparticles

[full proposal]

Master and PhD Projects (2022-2023)

Although the internships presented here are primarily aimed at Master's students, the teams also generally welcome students from other levels on similar themes. Do not hesitate to contact them.

Master and PhD Projects (2021-2022)

Temperature control of optically levitated particles in vacuum.

[full proposal]

see a video (in French) that discuss one application of the project

Contact: Loïc Rondin

Suivi d’événements de traduction individuels in cellulo

[full proposal]

Contact: Karen Peronnet

Femtosecond Stark Spectroscopy of Two-dimensional Perovskite Semiconductor Nanostructures

Figure Stage Elsa

[full proposal]

Contact: Elsa Cassette

Single Graphene Quantum dots in Layered Heterostructures

GQD on hBN

[full proposal]

Contact:Jean-Sébastien Lauret

Study of the optomechanical coupling on glass microtubes: transfer of electromagnetic momentum to transparent objects

Stage Thomas Antoni 2021

[full proposal]

Contact:Thomas Antoni

Spin noise spectroscopy in gas cells

[full proposal]

Contact:Fabienne Goldfarb

Rydberg atom based quantum sensors

[full proposal]

Contact:Fabien Bretenaker

Patrimoine en arts décoratifs et nouveaux matériaux pour la couleur : simulation du rendu visuel d’objets plasmoniques complexes

Stage Plasmonique Bruno Palpant

[full proposal]

Contact:Bruno Palpant

Microlasers & Geodesics

MicroLaser Satge Mélanie

[full proposal]

Contact:Mélanie Lebental