Laser et Optique

Nos activités de recherche s'inéteressent aux questions liées à la physique des lasers, de l'optique quantique, des intéreactions ondes-matière cohérentes, de l'optique non linéaire et de la photonique micro-onde. Nos travaux addressent autant des questions fondamentales qu'appliquées.


  • Coherent processes in metastable helium.
Helium cell

This activity deals with the fine understanding of quantum phenomena occurring in three- and four-level atomic systems coupled with light, and their consequences on the control of the group velocity of light (slow light, fast light, negative group velocity light). This also includes the application of these concepts to optical sensors based on optical cavities and to quantum information processes (quantum memories,…).

  • Low noise lasers for microwave photonics
    We develop low noise lasers (solid-state or semiconductor lasers) for the generation and/or distribution of optically carried RF signals. This includes fundamental studies on laser noise, development of two-frequency lasers, development of original servo-locking techniques, …
  • Phase sensitive amplification of optically carried RF signals
    We develop phase sensitive amplifiers based on optical parametric amplification in nonlinear optical fibers. The ultimate goal is to build noiseless amplifiers, with a quantum limited noise figure below 3 dB, for microwave photonics applications (distribution of RF local oscillators or radar signals, electronic warfare, radio over fiber, …)
  • Development of coherent sources (optical parametric oscillators, lasers,…)
    We develop optical parametric amplifiers and new lasers (based on crystals or glasses) for the generation of narrow linewidth tunable radiation in the visible and the infrared. This research is triggered by applications in the domains of quantum information processing and remote sensing.
  • Development of new architectures of optical sensors.


Fabien Bretenaker

Fabienne Goldfarb