Diamond and sensors

The diamond theme is interested in the physics of NV colour centres in diamond, from its production to its applications with a special focus on sensing.

NV colour centre is a point defect in diamond with unique physical properties at room temperature. It combines very stable photoluminescence to attractive spin properties, making a perfect system for quantum information, bio-imaging, and sensing.

The diamond theme has been studying NV centre in diamond for a decade from its photophysics to material science questions through its applications. Recently we especially focused on the following topics :

  • Nanoscale implantation of single defects in diamond
  • NV scanning probe magnetometry
  • Magnetic Imaging Under High Pressure

And tightly linked to other themes of the Laboratory:

  • Optical levitation of nanodiamonds in vacuum
  • Colour centres for bio applications
  • artificial atoms in diamond for quantum information processing


These activities are in collaboration with  the Quantum Imaging group (Laboratoire Charles Coulomb) in Montpellier, the High-Pressure team at CEA DAM, and the diamond group at Thales TRT.



Jean-François Roch

Martin Schmidt

Nicolas Vernier