Axe 2 - Optics and Microtechnologies for life sciences

Nanodiamants dans des neurones

Axe 2 - Optics and Microtechnologies for life sciences

The research axis  Optics and Microtechnologies for life sciences deals with the development and the application of optics-based technologies for the study of biological systems.

Our ambition is to develop novel techniques and methods, originating from optical technologies, nanotechnologies, micro/electro-fluidics..., to address key biomedical challenges, in a broad variety of fields, from the molecular scale (e.g. protein translation, intraneuronal transport...) to whole organism (e.g. neuronal network activity in vivo, new methods to quantify the quality of vision...). As some of our members are experts in synaptopathies and genetic risk factors responsible for brain circuit dysfunctions, we put more effort in developing techniques that can contribute to advance researches in these fields. Another of our key unique know-how is in micro/electro/opto-fluidic devices: we develop not only new biosensors, but also biomimetic devices mimicking organ or plant basic functions.

Research Themes

  • Image d'une rétine

    Novel optical methods for the investigation of living objects

  • Micro-capsules de ZnO dopé par un colorant

    Fluidic and electric microsystems for life science studies